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A Beautiful Valentine- Video

I am a member of the site and I just recieved this lovely valentine video ~ passing it on to
my friends! Love to you! Make it a special day. In love and health ~ Bobbi


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A Valentine for You

Cute Graphics

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Why Not Make Every Day A Valentine’s Day?

There are lots of stories of the history of Valentine’s Day, but I would like to share the one I like best

Did you know that the real celebration for Valentine’s Day began with the death of a young Bishop, named Valentine? Way back around the 1300s, the Roman Emperor, Claudius had an Edict that no Roman soldier would be allowed to marry. Valentine, being a loving, compassionate man who believed in marriage and romance began to marry young lovers in secret. When the Emperor learned of this, Valentine was accused of treason and was executed on February 14th. This is the day we celebrate Valentine’s Day. It is said, that Valentine from his prison cell sent a note to the jailer’s daughter saying, “Don’t forget your Valentine.”

Even though the sad beginning of Valentine’s Day tends to tug at my heart…I am so glad that over time this holiday has become more and more exciting. A day filled with fun, love, excitement and chocolate!

I say why not let everyday be Valentine’s Day? Can you imagine how the world would change if every day was a Valentine’s Day? This one small change could have a gigantic affect on how we all feel, think and act. Of course we might have to lay off the chocolates. If everyday was a Valentine’s Day it would probably change our overall outlook on life. We would be loving more, caring, serving and receiving more, etc… I could go on and on. Yes, I can visualize this all playing out…where we are all more grateful for our blessings and wanting to see and help our brothers and sisters of the world in peace, love and prosperity.

I love the way Valentine’s day has evolved through the years to include everyone in our lives. Today in 2010 Valentine’s Day is a day that allows us to be playful, have fun and act like a child again. It is a day for sharing and appreciating all those special people in our lives who make a difference…And if they were no longer there, we would feel it in our hearts!

Since we are all connected to everything in our universe, our actions, thoughts and deeds together continue to raise the overall consciousness of our world. I am suggesting that on Valentine’s Day there is a lot going on in the energy field of this great planet. It makes the heart sing! A happy heart is a healthy heart!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

Love & Blessings
Bobbi Henderson

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