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Can Cancer be cured in 16 weeks~ See this Video

Some great information in this video. I was amazed. I have for many years now believed in natural health and alternative medicine! It works for me!!! I think we have to have a lifestyle change to be healthy these days, becoming more vigilent, watching and knowing exactly what we are ingesting. Remember “we are what we eat.” Animals eating GMO food..we eat the food–well we are consuming GMOs. I hope that you enjoy this very informative video. For more information on this topic please go to Dr. Leonard Coldwell

Wishing you great health!!! and a very happy year!~ Bobbi


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What we eat matters!

There is no time like the present to make that decision to change your lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle could add years to your life. Here is a great video that will reinforce what you probably already know. It is one of the best that I have seen in a while. I want to share it with you.

To your vibrant health!

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Turn Your Life Around

Have you noticed how up tight people are these days? Almost every other email I receive is about the law of attraction, high blood pressure or stress. I have started unsubscribing! Too many emails!

I am suggesting that we need to keep an open mind about life and to be more flexible, take care of our health, keep a sense of humor and when something happens —just deal with it. The answers are not out there somewhere, they are within us and when we calm down and allow our selves to really look at life from a different perspective we will see the answers are there.

Remember the saying about the computer “Garbage in! Garbage out!”
Well, this is much like how our bodies function and we have to pay attention to its cries for nourishment, hydration, relaxation and healthy expectations, etc. Research shows, and we know that the body needs certain things to be healthy and to function properly. When our energy levels are high we automatically feel good and want to do things. This is when we set goals, create new ideas and feel the best about ourselves. But when we have an unhealthy lifestyle, we more than likely will experience low energy, low self esteem, brain fog and poor health.

Here are a few suggestions for turning your life around:
1. Don’t take life too seriously.
2. Eat a healthy diet, exercise, hydrate and meditate/pray.
3. Pay attention to all areas of your life- keep balance.
4. Learn to laugh more.
5. Stay away from negative people.
6. Plan and have fun.
7. Take your time- don’t jump into things.
8. Once you have made a decision –Take action!

It all begins with a healthy lifestyle. Nothing can change this!
Doctors know and research shows that a large percentage of doctor visits are stress related. Stress often comes from poor nutrition, lack of sleep and taking on too many challenges at once without a plan. When we lack sleep, smoke and eat unhealthy foods, etc., it affects our ability to deal effectively with the stresses of life.

Turn your life around! Create a new you –be determined to live a healthy long and prosperous life.

To your vibrant health!

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Night Shift Job – Tips For Better Sleep

If you work a night shift job you probably ready for a few tips for better sleep.  You are also most likely  already familiar with the circadian rhythm.  The term in latin means about a day.  Most things in life operate around circles or cycles including the life process itself.  Our Circadian clock or rhythm is located in the hypothalamus area of the brain.  These rhythms repsond to light cues and sets brain wave activity that regulates the melatonin, regenerates our cells and various other things at night and it also helps to establish sleep patterns.

There are certains things that can upset this pattern.  These things are…jet lag, shift work, medications, life threatening situations that go on for a period of time, PTS, major life changes…just to name a few.  These can all create circadian rhythm disorders.  According to the Cleveland Clinic, these are usually treated through lifestyle changes that help the individual to create new sleep patterns that allow them to lead a more balanced life.  They often use light therapies where the regular bedtime is slowly moved to the actual desired bedtime.

Sleep is very important to over all health.  The shift worker is especially susceptible to sleep problems stomache and digestive issues, etc. Because of the way we are designed the body regulates itself based on the circadian rhythm.  At night our digestive system slows down, hormone levels change and the body makes melatonin (the sleep hormone), blood pressure, heart beat etc. change at night.  So it is important to be more careful what you eat and drink, also keep active during breaks at night and have a light meal before you go to bed.   No caffene for at least 4 hours prior to sleep and no exercise or exciting movies, etc. before bed time.

The following video shares tips to help you get better sleep and be more relaxed about you night shift job. I think you will enjoy it.

Here is to your good night sleep!


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Lifestyle changes for health

Old habits are hard to break especially when it comes to poor health habits.  Lifestyle changes are the best way to make permanent change but it takes time, energy and determination to make an effective lasting lifestyle change. 

An old fisherman once said that trying to change is sometimes like crabs in a crab pot.  When one crab starts to crawl out the others pull him back down into the pot.   This is often the way life is; our friends and family members may feel threatened  when we begin thinking of making lifestyle changes.  Especially changes that would affect their relationship with us.  For instance if you smoke, your pal who also smokes may not want you to quit.  If you are really determined to quit you may have to give up the friendship in order to not smoke.  

When we make lifestyle changes those close to us are usually affected.  This is one of the reasons it is so important that we love and accept ourselves the way we are… before we begin making these major changes.  In other words know what you want, what is really important to you and how making this change is going to make a difference, then…Go For It! 

When you are comfortable in your own skin it is easier to make lifestyle changes. Changes such as…loosing weight, quitting smoking, getting rid of stress, learning to meditate, etc. all make our lives more balanced and help to support the process of  better health and healing.

To Your Health! Questions, experiences and/or suggestions?  Please comment.

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