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Honoring the Feminine Aspects of Life- Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s day!

Photo by James Moreland

Love ~ As the world and our humanity continues to evolve,  we grow,  open our hearts  and  appreciate the feminine  aspects in all life.    Today we not only acknowledge and recognize our biological mother on “Mother’s Day” day but we love and acknowledge “all women” and have learned to embrace the feminine spirit  in all things.

Sometimes the deepest feelings are the most difficult to express.   So … This Mother’s Day, let love say the things that  your words cannot convey.

To good health!  Happy Mother’s Day ~ Namaste

Bobbi Henderson


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More News About “Excitotoxins”

I wanted to share this very interesting video with you. It may not be available after April 29, 2011. As you know artificial
sweetners and the potential dangers of using them is something that gets me on my soap-box because I am sensitive to them and
have had a couple of scary experiences when I unknowingly ingested food that contained an artificial sweetner. MSG, artificial
sweetners and many other food additives contain excitotoxins which can be very harmful to certain sensitive individuals and possibly others as well. This is a very informative video that will open you eyes to some of the dangers of food additives, etc.

I hope you enjoyed the video. To your good health!

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Friends are Important!

Friends are like gold nuggets…you know they are valuable and you want to enjoy and protect them.
Every once in a while a real special friend comes into your life. They just seem to give you another reason for being here. The little video posted below is one that I really enjoyed viewing and I know that you will too.

Wishing you a very beautiful day. Even though we may not realize it, we are always setting an example for others to follow. And you never know who is watching! We are all connected and this idea is so beautiful once we really get it! Don’t you just love Maria? Here’s to your friendship and good health!

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Spring is Here!

There is excitement in the air as ‘Mother Nature” once again begins to weave her glorious carpet of fragrance and color. She invites all living things to come forth and enjoy. A new season has begun! There is something about spring that just seems to make everything look brighter as we put the winter behind us and begin anew. It is a time to dream new dreams, set new goals and open ourselves to the adventure ahead.

Spring is the time when we usually do our spring cleaning, getting rid of the old things that no longer serve us as we make room for the new. It is a good time to settle old differences, forgive and move forward. Keep your heart happy and enjoy a healthy spring.

Often our animals friends are the first reminders of spring. The picture below is a perfect example of “New Beginnings” ~ Enjoy!

“Sandhill cranes with their new little baby” ~ Photo taken by my neighbor.

To your health. Happy Spring!

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For Health Sake~Use Your Brain

Would you agree that it is hard to stay focused on health, business, etc. these days? Every where you go it is almost impossible to escape the doom and gloom of the media. It is hard not to get caught up in all of the negative things that are happening. I am experiencing this myself. I don’t think any of us are immune to these energies that we are bombarded with from morning until night, but I do have two suggestions and I will share them with you.

1. This is a time that we are all going to have to be more creative in finding, creating or designing what we want. It is a time to be supportive of others as well. Perhaps you have a hobby that you have always wanted to pursue as a business. Now may be the time to consider this. I find that this is a time to get back to basics and to rethink my old ways of doing things and trying to live more within my means as I regroup. If you have lost your job don’t feel shame or that you have to explain. Many things have been happening to good people that is just hard to be “OK with” and just know that you are not alone. Setbacks often open new doors to an even better future.

2. It is very important that we take good care of ourselves physically and spiritually especially in times of stress. I know that it is difficult to sometimes even think of eating when you have the worries of bills, etc. Some people find that it is best to disconnect a bit from what is happening. We do what we can do. Recent research has indicated that feeling rejected, shunned or let down – in some situations may increase certain proteins that cause inflammation in the body. George M Slavich, Phd says “The way you think about the world can have very serious implications for your personal health and well-being.” Arthritis Today, 2/2010.

It is good to concentrate on keeping the physical energy up by eating a healthy diet. But what I think is even more important is to maintain a strong spiritual health. You can do this with meditation. Meditation helps to build a strong inner foundation and helps you to feel calm inside. It can also help to keep the mind from racing.

If you do not already do meditation, I would like to suggest it as the number one best way to calm your thoughts. The easiest way to do this is just to sit down, relax by taking a few deep breaths and continue to follow your breath as you relax. I do what I call a walking meditation…just take a nice walk and stay present as you walk. It is very relaxing. I hope that you have found this helpful or at least interesting. Stop listening to the media and concentrate on what you want to bring into your life. Remember it is what we focus on that multiplies in our lives.

My best to you. Here is to your good health!

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Happy New Year 2011!!!

Miscellaneous New Year Comments

Magickal Graphics

Have fun ~ Be safe! See you in 2011! It… is going to be a great year!

Blessings ~ Bobbi Henderson

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Happy Holidays from Bobbi Henderson!!

More Santa Claus Comments

Stay healthy this Holiday Season and remember everything in moderation. Ho Ho Ho. Merry Christmas or what ever holiday you celebrate this time of year ~ I am wishing you a happy, healthy, joy filled Holiday Seasons.

To your health!

Bobbi Henderson/2010

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For Health’s Sake ~Eat Vegetables!

Vegetables Boost Our Health

Vegetables are loaded with nutrients.  They provide vitamins, A, C and E, folate, potassium, etc.  And they are high in fiber but low in calories.    Vegetables have photochemicals or antioxidants that help keep us healthy.  The FDA recently approved findings that eating cruciferous vegetables can help prevent cancer, heart disease, and most likely help keep cholesterol in check.   Cruciferous vegetables are from the cabbage family – vegetables such as cauliflower, broccli, rapini, bokchoy, etc.   A search of the internet can provide charts that show a break-down of the various cruciferous vegetables.

Some people “live to eat” ~ but it is healthier to program ourselves to “Eat to live”–And the more we eat healthy foods the sooner we loose the desire to eat what is unhealthy.  The lower we eat on the food chain (plants, fruits and vegetables) the healthier we become.    And it is common knowledge that when we are healthy the world looks a lot brighter.

I favor vegetables  from the  squash family and my very favorite is the Delicata squash.  It is creme color with green stripes and is often called the peanut squash.  (see photo above)  The Delicata is light, sweet and meaty and  it makes a delicious side dish for Thanksgiving dinner in lieu of sweet potatoes.   It has a thin skin, so it is easy to peel and needs little preparation.   Here is a quick recipe for – Baked Delicata.

1-2 Delicata squash –  Cut in half,  scrap out the seeds with a spoon – cut each piece in half again.

Melt 1/4 cup of butter – add brown sugar (amount will depend upon your taste)

Put three tablespoons of water in the baking dish and add the squash, cut side down. – Bake for 30-35  minutes in a 425 degree oven.   Remove from oven the last ten minutes – drain off the juices – turn the squash over and spoon the butter/brown sugar mixture over the squash – sprinkle with cinnamon (optional) and return to the oven for the last 10 minutes.  Serve on a pretty platter.  Don’t forget a festive garnish.   Your guests will rave about your cooking.

Another option is to add – a mixture of cranberries, chopped nuts and (cooked) maple sausage to prepared dressing mix and place in the Delicata pieces.  Bake in a 425 degree oven for 30-35 minutes.


To your vibrant health!

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If You Don’t Like How Your Day is Going~ Change it!

So often we go through life missing out on the very best of it, when just a minor change in thought, attitude or action could have made all the difference. The way we present ourselves to the world is how the world treats us! The following video is one of my favorites and I know that you are going to enjoy it as well. And I would bet that you will have at least one “ah-ha” moment as you watch this short video.

This video is an example of a beautiful life changing story that shows how one tiny change can make all the difference. Having a healthy attitude about change is so important if we want to attract more good things into our lives. You may be thinking, well how can this have anything to do with health. Well, you see everything in life either adds to or takes away from our good health because of the mind- body connection. I think that we could all agree that you seldom see a happy sick person!

Here’s to your good health. ©bobbi henderson

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Sprouting Made Easy

Do you enjoy eating healthy live foods?  I do and I am going to share with you one of my best kept little secrets for sprouting mung beans.   No soil required! That’s right!  And they will be ready to eat in about three days.  Mung beans are crunchy, very tasty with a hint of sweetness. You can use sprouts all the same ways you use other fresh vegetables.

This tidbit of information is from my new book Backyard Musings of an Organic Dabbler, by Barbara G. Henderson which will be on book shelves in about six weeks.

For easy sprouting all you need is your seeds (organic of course), a tall glass, some water and a clean dish towel.  The first time use about a tablespoon of mung beans—put them in about a half glass of warm water and let them set overnight.  Rinse the seeds and drain, keeping the seeds in the glass.  Turn the glass over on its side and spread out the seeds and cover the glass gently with the dish towel.  (this keeps it dark and speeds up the germination process).  Rinse and repeat the process about three times each day.  You will have sprouts that will be ready to eat in three or four days.  I like to eat them when they are about one inch long before the little leaves appear.  Once your sprouts are ready, place them in a bowl and run cool water over them.  The hulls will float to the top and you can spoon them out.  Rinse and drain your sprouts on a paper towel.  They are ready to eat.  Store them in a covered container and keep refrigerated.  Sprouts are good for snacking on sandwiches and in salads.  Also great in casseroles, topping a favorite dish, or when you just want to add a healthy live food to your diet.

Enjoy!  I wish you vibrant health!

©2010 Bobbi K Henderson

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