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The Lord’s Prayer

If you are reading this post…you probably know or feel as I do that at the end of the day we often feel the need for some encouragment or at least a hug or two. Part of my life mission is to help uplift others…no money is exchanged ~ just love and encouragement! I am sometimes needing that myself. I find that music has the power to do many things for us. Music is an effective tool for changing our attitude or energy levels. I love to listen to lively music as I clean, etc. but when when I am tired at the end of the day I like to be quiet, thankful for my life and to feel loved and protected.

Andrea Bocelli singing the Lords Prayer is one of my favorites… at the end of the day. Hope that you enjoy it..and come back here often. Feeling safe and relaxed are another part of all those things that contribute to our good health.

Enjoy! To your Health ~ Bobbi


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April is Oral Cancer Detection Month

I hope that you liked the video and found it informative. While cancer is not a favorite topic….Oral cancer is in the news more and more these days and unfortunately about 2/3 of those cancers are caught in the later stages. Make sure that your dentist does a thorough check-up and do ask questions. According to latest research, good oral health is conducive to good over all general health. The Velscope is the lastest in oral cancer detection and many dentist are using this neat technology… which is a light that they shine in the mouth that helps to identify abnormal tissue. Many dental offices over the country are offering a free oral cancer exam for “Oral Cancer Awareness” month of April. But, at this time only a few offices seem to have this latest technology. I live in Florida but several of my friends in Virgina have shared information with me regarding the Velscope…and if you live or know anyone who lives in or around Great Falls Va you may want to pass this information along. Just call 703 759-3011 (Loza Dental-Great Falls) and ask for the (April).. free Velscope examine. You may possibly help save a life, and it could be your own. To your good Dental Health! Bobbi

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