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What I learned “The day “Cancer” visited me”

I had been receiving advertisements  that offered  a free cancer screenings from a particular dermatologist for months.  Of course, I trashed them.  But, one day this past summer I decided to  go for the free exam, as I had a little blister like bump that had been on my cheek for about two months.   I made the appointment – The doctor wanted to biopsy a couple of places on my face and one on my back.   The results can back in a few days.  My back was fine but there were two places on my face.   One on the side of  my nose and one on my cheek, both were squamous cell  (cancer) and would need to be cut out.

OMG…I was in shock.  Good clean living gal that I am,  I could not believe that this was happening too me.   The doctor pointed out to me that it was from my early years of sunbathing.    How many times had I been warned to stay out of the sun!   I do take responsibility for my situation.  I confess…I did have  a real good cry after researching on the internet almost the whole afternoon.   I think that most women can relate to my frustration  because we love our faces and want to keep them looking beautiful.  My first thoughts were to try something natural.  But everything natural that I came across was going to make a big sore on my face or something else that frightened me and I did not have years to wait.   I meditated and said prayers off and on for the next few days.  I had to make a decision.   I called the doctor’s office  and asked if there was another way to deal with it other than surgery…they were very patient with me and referred me to a plastic surgeon.   Well, things were looking up.   My doctor was  nice and  I felt very comfortable with him.  He did a fabulous job…. and yes, I will have a couple  little scars but nothing that is going to make a big difference…a fluff or two of powder should work quite well.

What I learned “The Day Cancer Visited Me” was that I am a lot stronger and more courageous than I ever thought yet at the same time during the healing I felt very vulnerable and often alone.   But , then  I really wanted to be alone.  I would look at the scabs that seemed to never want to heal and  would be upset.   But, I soon turned things around—decided to stop the one gal pity party.   I started to write, took  food to an elderly man in the neighborhood, regular walks out to the pond, watched the little animals, fed the birds and counted my blessings.  I received a lot advice from well meaning friends.   I realize that you cannot know what someone else is going through unless you have already been there yourself and still their experience is going to be different based on the past and what is going on in their lives…at that time.   I regret the times I have told someone that  something would be OK without knowing the facts.    There has to be a better way of consoling.  While I will have to continue to be monitored I am so thankful that I caught my cancer in time before it had spread.  So dear friends if  you get that advertisement for a free exam by a dermatologist  don’t throw it in the trash!   Why not make that appointment today for peace -of – mind.   Thank you for reading my blog!  I acknowledge you and I am grateful for your presence here!    To your good health!    Many Blessings ~ Bobbi Henderson © 9/2011


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