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Friends are Important!

Friends are like gold nuggets…you know they are valuable and you want to enjoy and protect them.
Every once in a while a real special friend comes into your life. They just seem to give you another reason for being here. The little video posted below is one that I really enjoyed viewing and I know that you will too.

Wishing you a very beautiful day. Even though we may not realize it, we are always setting an example for others to follow. And you never know who is watching! We are all connected and this idea is so beautiful once we really get it! Don’t you just love Maria? Here’s to your friendship and good health!


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Spring is Here!

There is excitement in the air as ‘Mother Nature” once again begins to weave her glorious carpet of fragrance and color. She invites all living things to come forth and enjoy. A new season has begun! There is something about spring that just seems to make everything look brighter as we put the winter behind us and begin anew. It is a time to dream new dreams, set new goals and open ourselves to the adventure ahead.

Spring is the time when we usually do our spring cleaning, getting rid of the old things that no longer serve us as we make room for the new. It is a good time to settle old differences, forgive and move forward. Keep your heart happy and enjoy a healthy spring.

Often our animals friends are the first reminders of spring. The picture below is a perfect example of “New Beginnings” ~ Enjoy!

“Sandhill cranes with their new little baby” ~ Photo taken by my neighbor.

To your health. Happy Spring!

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