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For Health Sake~Use Your Brain

Would you agree that it is hard to stay focused on health, business, etc. these days? Every where you go it is almost impossible to escape the doom and gloom of the media. It is hard not to get caught up in all of the negative things that are happening. I am experiencing this myself. I don’t think any of us are immune to these energies that we are bombarded with from morning until night, but I do have two suggestions and I will share them with you.

1. This is a time that we are all going to have to be more creative in finding, creating or designing what we want. It is a time to be supportive of others as well. Perhaps you have a hobby that you have always wanted to pursue as a business. Now may be the time to consider this. I find that this is a time to get back to basics and to rethink my old ways of doing things and trying to live more within my means as I regroup. If you have lost your job don’t feel shame or that you have to explain. Many things have been happening to good people that is just hard to be “OK with” and just know that you are not alone. Setbacks often open new doors to an even better future.

2. It is very important that we take good care of ourselves physically and spiritually especially in times of stress. I know that it is difficult to sometimes even think of eating when you have the worries of bills, etc. Some people find that it is best to disconnect a bit from what is happening. We do what we can do. Recent research has indicated that feeling rejected, shunned or let down – in some situations may increase certain proteins that cause inflammation in the body. George M Slavich, Phd says “The way you think about the world can have very serious implications for your personal health and well-being.” Arthritis Today, 2/2010.

It is good to concentrate on keeping the physical energy up by eating a healthy diet. But what I think is even more important is to maintain a strong spiritual health. You can do this with meditation. Meditation helps to build a strong inner foundation and helps you to feel calm inside. It can also help to keep the mind from racing.

If you do not already do meditation, I would like to suggest it as the number one best way to calm your thoughts. The easiest way to do this is just to sit down, relax by taking a few deep breaths and continue to follow your breath as you relax. I do what I call a walking meditation…just take a nice walk and stay present as you walk. It is very relaxing. I hope that you have found this helpful or at least interesting. Stop listening to the media and concentrate on what you want to bring into your life. Remember it is what we focus on that multiplies in our lives.

My best to you. Here is to your good health!


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