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Turn Your Life Around

Have you noticed how up tight people are these days? Almost every other email I receive is about the law of attraction, high blood pressure or stress. I have started unsubscribing! Too many emails!

I am suggesting that we need to keep an open mind about life and to be more flexible, take care of our health, keep a sense of humor and when something happens —just deal with it. The answers are not out there somewhere, they are within us and when we calm down and allow our selves to really look at life from a different perspective we will see the answers are there.

Remember the saying about the computer “Garbage in! Garbage out!”
Well, this is much like how our bodies function and we have to pay attention to its cries for nourishment, hydration, relaxation and healthy expectations, etc. Research shows, and we know that the body needs certain things to be healthy and to function properly. When our energy levels are high we automatically feel good and want to do things. This is when we set goals, create new ideas and feel the best about ourselves. But when we have an unhealthy lifestyle, we more than likely will experience low energy, low self esteem, brain fog and poor health.

Here are a few suggestions for turning your life around:
1. Don’t take life too seriously.
2. Eat a healthy diet, exercise, hydrate and meditate/pray.
3. Pay attention to all areas of your life- keep balance.
4. Learn to laugh more.
5. Stay away from negative people.
6. Plan and have fun.
7. Take your time- don’t jump into things.
8. Once you have made a decision –Take action!

It all begins with a healthy lifestyle. Nothing can change this!
Doctors know and research shows that a large percentage of doctor visits are stress related. Stress often comes from poor nutrition, lack of sleep and taking on too many challenges at once without a plan. When we lack sleep, smoke and eat unhealthy foods, etc., it affects our ability to deal effectively with the stresses of life.

Turn your life around! Create a new you –be determined to live a healthy long and prosperous life.

To your vibrant health!


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