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Do It With Music!

Our fast pace global society, offers all the bells and whistles to help us to do everything better, easier and faster; yet we are all stressed out, and seldom feel we have time to do the things that we would like.

Even though stress is normal, it can be very unhealthy, when we do not have an outlet for these pent up feelings.  One way, to help one deal with stress is listening to music, especially classical.  It is interesting, that most of us have been using music to release stress all of our lives, but we have not ever actually acknowledged this fact.

There are numerous studies that show the affects of music on everyday stress.  One finding, showed that music can lower or raise the heart rate, soothe the nerves or cause a headache, etc.  It all depends on the individual and their perspective.  What are they listening to and why?   I remember as a child I listened to rock and roll music because it I loved how it made me feel.  I could feel like the most beautiful girl in the world, experience feelings of fame and fortune, visit exotic places all in the time it took to listen to a song or instrumental. I could escape sounds and block out my mothers lectures.  I was the queen of my world, escaping the world of the adults in my life.  Very exciting times!

You can see how you can use music as a tool to help lower the stress levels in your life.  Try classical or light jazz.  But if you want to energize put on the old stuff from your teenage years and I think you will find as I have that you will experience a mood shift and feel energized.  One of the best ways to utilize music for stress, is to play a soft music with a beat just a bit slower than your heart beat and do a 10 to 20 minute meditation.  If you have never tried this, but you are an open minded person you are in for a pleasant surprise.

Make your day.  Do it with music!


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  1. Great information!

    Comment by DP | December 8, 2011 | Reply

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