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Emotions – Find Ways To Be Happy Or Excited

Emotions affect all areas of our lives including our physical health.  Tony Robbins talks about the emotions and decisions we make in life that affect our overall situation, learning and ultimate destiny.

I share this because I know that our emotions can affect all areas of our lives, especially our digestive system…Try eating when you are upset and…you usually will not feel well and may get the indigestion, stomache cramps, nausea, etc. 

While this video is more directed to taking action and changing yourself and the world.  I think it is appropriate viewing for creating a vibrant, healthy life.  If you want to have a more vibrant, healthy life… Take action to change your life today.  Start making those decisions that can make you really come alive!   I say this because I care about you my friends  where ever you may be.  I want you to Live your life with gusto!

This is Tony in a very relaxed atmosphere.  I have been a fan since day one and have followed his ups and downs as he grew in life and watched one of the most beautiful, intelligent men in the world reach his full power. I can only imagine the number of lives that he has positively affected.  His programs sell for thousands of dollars but for the next 20 minutes you can see Toni in action for free.  Just sit back, open you mind and absorb!!! Get high on Tony Robbins!!!


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