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Night Shift Job – Tips For Better Sleep

If you work a night shift job you probably ready for a few tips for better sleep.  You are also most likely  already familiar with the circadian rhythm.  The term in latin means about a day.  Most things in life operate around circles or cycles including the life process itself.  Our Circadian clock or rhythm is located in the hypothalamus area of the brain.  These rhythms repsond to light cues and sets brain wave activity that regulates the melatonin, regenerates our cells and various other things at night and it also helps to establish sleep patterns.

There are certains things that can upset this pattern.  These things are…jet lag, shift work, medications, life threatening situations that go on for a period of time, PTS, major life changes…just to name a few.  These can all create circadian rhythm disorders.  According to the Cleveland Clinic, these are usually treated through lifestyle changes that help the individual to create new sleep patterns that allow them to lead a more balanced life.  They often use light therapies where the regular bedtime is slowly moved to the actual desired bedtime.

Sleep is very important to over all health.  The shift worker is especially susceptible to sleep problems stomache and digestive issues, etc. Because of the way we are designed the body regulates itself based on the circadian rhythm.  At night our digestive system slows down, hormone levels change and the body makes melatonin (the sleep hormone), blood pressure, heart beat etc. change at night.  So it is important to be more careful what you eat and drink, also keep active during breaks at night and have a light meal before you go to bed.   No caffene for at least 4 hours prior to sleep and no exercise or exciting movies, etc. before bed time.

The following video shares tips to help you get better sleep and be more relaxed about you night shift job. I think you will enjoy it.

Here is to your good night sleep!



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  1. The style of writing is very familiar to me. Have you written guest posts for other blogs?

    Comment by Samuel L. | April 22, 2009 | Reply

    • Samuel L I do often post on blogs and forums. I also
      have another blog and a business site. It is a small world and as you know anything that goes to internet land lives forever. Thank you for stopping by…I hope that you will visit my blog again.

      Comment by Bobbi | May 12, 2009 | Reply

  2. I have tried shifting jobs before and it is a common joke with my co-workers that our cells are usually confused. But to make the most out of the time given to us for sleep, we have to choose a good mattress–a mattress that can support the back and alleviate pressure points so we can still wake up as if we slept 8 hours at night. In addition to that, having the right room temperature and lighting also helps.

    Comment by Zach Smith | April 28, 2010 | Reply

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