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Make A Difference With EFT

Are you familiar with EFT?   EFT could make a difference in your life.  Are you being challenged by everyday stress, sugar cravings, or perhaps you have a headache?  Would you believe that just tapping on specific accupressure points on your body may be able to help you?  I had my friend Safrina,  who is also a coach to lead me through some tapping exercises to get rid of my craving for licorice…strawberry to be more specific.  I loved nothing better than to cut the sticks up in to small bite size pieces and munch of it all evening long as I played around on the computer or watched a movie, etc.  Well, after a few rounds of tapping…the next time I thought of my licorice I felt sort of repulsed and it tasted like cardboard to me.  I could hardly believe this myself…but it is true.

I gave all my licorice away and believe it or not I have not eaten of craved it in over two months.  I ran accross this very interesting video explaining EFT and I would like to share it with you.  It is free and you can also download a free manual and learn how to do EFT for yourself if you should desire to do so.

Don’t forget to share it with you friends!  It is free.  Just go to the website shown on the video.

To your learning and your health!  Keep an open mind and enjoy.



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