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Foods For Your Best Health

Ever wonder just what foods are best for your health?  I am health conscious with one exception and that is my craving for sweets.  I guess almost everyone has at least one vice.  When I quit smoking I found that I enjoyed sweets a whole lot more.  Some people smoke… I eat sweets…but I am cutting back.  I am working on that by tapping…using the emotional freedom technique.   

I am a real fan of the Nutrition Action Healthletter and I believe it is put out by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, something like that.   Anyway, I read it from cover to cover.  I noticed in a most recent copy they had a list of what they consider to be the most healthy foods for a person to eat.  They are even taking it a little further and calling them “Super Foods”  I want to share that list with you for your good health.

1.  Sweet Potatoes 

2.  Grape Tomatoes  

3.  Fat free (skim milk) 1% 

4.  Broccoli

5.  Wild Salmon

6.  Crispbread  (a surprise …I just love this stuff)

7.  Microwabable or 10 min Brown Rice  (this is a surprise to me) microwave?

8.  Citrus Fruits

9.  Diced Butternut Sqauach

10 Spinach and Kale

At least six of these foods have vitamin C.  

Some things you could add to the list would be lowfat yogurt, soy milk and different varieties of citrus fruits. One thing that I have noticed is that when we begin changing our diet after a while you begin to crave foods that are good for you.  One on my biggies is celery.  I love celery and it is good for you.  Apples are another favorite of mine.  I once read that what ever foods you ate when you were little, those are the foods that most agree with your system.  I tend to believe this because I was raised around the orchards and we ate a lot of apples; even today apples agree with my system.  I usually feel better after eating a nice cold delicious apple.  yumm

I hope that at least one of your favorites food is on the list of super healthy foods.

To you health!


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