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The Psychology Behind The Healthy Eating Plan

If you want to live the best life possible you must be healthy.  Live disease free!  To enjoy a healthy life and  maintain a healthy strong body you must eat healthy foods.  Break those unhealthy eating habits.  Breaking old habits is one of the most difficult parts of making this change.  Start with a healthy eating play.

1.  Get rid of all junk food and stop buying them. This includes sweets and beverages.  If you just cannot stand to give up your sweets all at once…keep bites size cookies,  brownies,etc. until you get used to enjoying less of them, then wean yourself off them gradually.  It works.

2.  Start eating healthy snacks like carrots, celery, fruits, whole grain crackers, nuts, etc.  Carry a little box of raisens with you.  They are delicious.

3.  Familiarize yourself with foods,  Knowledge is power. Know what you should eat and why.  The more familiar you become with the foods you eat the easier it is to make the change to healthy eating.  Some foods have a higher nutrient count than others.  Learn about nutrients and how they work in the body.  Then determine which foods are best for you.  It is a given that fruits and vegetables are good for nearly everyone.

4.  Drink a lot of water.  Sometimes it is water our bodies are needing and not food.  If you feel hungry at 3:00 in the afternoon, try drinking a small glass of water and then wait a few minutes before indulging.  Chances are you will find that you can wait til dinner.

5.  Having a regular scheduled meal time  is important.  This will help eliminate rushing, eating on the go or just eating so quickly that you don’t enjoy your food.  You may want to start taking a lunch or preparing things in advance. 

6.  Chew your food thoroughly.  DIgestion begins in the mouth and when food is not properly masticated it hinders digestion.  Sometimes indigestion and gas are the results of eating too quickly and not chewing your food properly.

7.  Practice mindfulness eating.  Be fully present with your food as you eat.  Look at it, anticipate it and savor it.   The food will taste better and you will feel better.  Put the real joy back into eating by being mindful of your food and the pleasure of eating.  If you do this you will find that you do not eat as much and you will enjoy your food more.

8.  Make eating a ritual.  Ritual excites the psychi and makes the situation more enjoyable.  Ritual sets the tone and helps to create the calm space needed to really enjoy your eating experience.

9.  Pretty dishes are really important.  It is amazing the difference a small antique  plate can make when it holds 3 chocolate dipped strawberries rather than the normal half of bowl full.  Another slight of hand and the mind is raised vibrationally….happy and content.

10.  Always check with your physician before changing your eating habits. 

 Take baby steps.  Small steps help to make the process more fun and possibly even exciting…especially if you are eating with someone else.  I have always found there was something sensual about eating with a special person.   The more you incorporate these subtle changes into your life the happier and healthier you will become.  By taking small step you will not feel deprived of favorite foods and it allows time for you to incorporate new and fun foods into your diet.  To a your new healthy eating plan!



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