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Nighty Nite

Do you have problems falling asleep at night?  A couple of years ago after an auto accident a friend of mine was diagnosed with sleep apnea.  She was a real night owl. She suffered from nervousness and an unusually fast pulse. The doctor put her on  perscription meds.  She later decided to try some natural ways to help her wind down, get rid of her anxiety so she could sleep through the night.

Here are a few of the things that she tried.

  1. Started keeping a sleep journal.
  2. Established a regular bedtime.
  3. Started watching comedy tv or no tv at night.
  4. Bought a new pillow – designed for those who sleep on their side.
  5. Changed her evening eating habits to eliminate salt at the evening meal.
  6. No eating late at night.
  7. Practiced deep breathing exercises as she lay in bed.
  8. Visualized various parts of her body relaxing.
  9. Warm baths.
  10. Camomile or Valerian tea before bedtime.

My favorite night time rituals. 

  1. A long hot bath with Epson salts and lavender.
  2. A cup of hot water with some honey (warmed on the stove) or
  3. Sometimes if I feel hungery I will eat a small piece of cheese (calcium) or
  4. Eat few nuts- tryptophan (amino acid) that is said to promote sleep.
  5. A foot massage before bed. My favorite!
  6. I like to meditate and say my prayers in bed and usually fall asleep doing so.
  7. I listen to my favorite hypnotic cd on relaxing or getting rid of stress, etc. 

If you are suffering from sleep apnea you may want to try a pillow designed to help people who snore…they work for some people who have light sleep apnea.  Check with your doctor first. 

 Pillow….Just Google Brookstone. 



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  1. […] from sleep apnea you may want to try a pillow designed to help people who snoret… source: Nighty Nite, Blogging For […]

    Pingback by 'Supplement'al living — Cute Toys and Bears | March 11, 2008 | Reply

  2. That’s great information Bobbi!
    I too like to listen to meditation and hypnotic cds before going to bed. My favorite is to put lavendar oil in my bath water and to spray lavendar sented linen spray on my pillow and bed spread as this helps me to fall asleep easier.
    Thanks! Terra

    Comment by terrahenson | March 16, 2008 | Reply

  3. Sometimes when I have trouble falling asleep. I meditate with my hands above my heart to have god come into my heart. This puts me into a deep relaxation. The medidation is to recharge from Dr. Gray, but at night it seems to make you sleepy.

    Comment by 911truther | June 30, 2008 | Reply

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