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Lifestyle changes for health

Old habits are hard to break especially when it comes to poor health habits.  Lifestyle changes are the best way to make permanent change but it takes time, energy and determination to make an effective lasting lifestyle change. 

An old fisherman once said that trying to change is sometimes like crabs in a crab pot.  When one crab starts to crawl out the others pull him back down into the pot.   This is often the way life is; our friends and family members may feel threatened  when we begin thinking of making lifestyle changes.  Especially changes that would affect their relationship with us.  For instance if you smoke, your pal who also smokes may not want you to quit.  If you are really determined to quit you may have to give up the friendship in order to not smoke.  

When we make lifestyle changes those close to us are usually affected.  This is one of the reasons it is so important that we love and accept ourselves the way we are… before we begin making these major changes.  In other words know what you want, what is really important to you and how making this change is going to make a difference, then…Go For It! 

When you are comfortable in your own skin it is easier to make lifestyle changes. Changes such as…loosing weight, quitting smoking, getting rid of stress, learning to meditate, etc. all make our lives more balanced and help to support the process of  better health and healing.

To Your Health! Questions, experiences and/or suggestions?  Please comment.


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