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Happy Mother’s Day!

As I think of “Mother’s Day” I think of my own mother and even though she is not with me in an earthly sense a part of her is still in my life. And as a tribute to the memory of my mother Sarah Crider and to Mothers everywhere, I chose this short by telling poem.

A mother is the truest friend we have,
when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us,
when adversity takes the place
of prosperity, when friends who
rejoice with us in our sunshine,
desert us when troubles thicken
around us, still will she cling to us
and endeavor by her kind precepts
and counsels to dissipate the clouds
of darkness and cause peace
to return to our hearts.

By ~Washington Irving

I am so thankful that I am a mother…nothing has been more beautiful or challenging in my life. With that…I would like to share a little poem that I wrote about my lovely daughter. Her name is Terra and a mother has never been more blessed than I. Enjoy.

The Sweetest Thing

Being a mother is the sweetest thing that has ever happened to me.
I cannot imagine being is this world without my daughter…you see…
She is my pride and joy, she is beautiful both inside and out.
My heart is filled with joy when she is around doubt.
Her smile has a way of just making my day.
I can hardly wait to hear her say,
“Hello mother, just thought you might want to know
I never get tired of saying I love you so.”
Oh, how my heart fills with glee….
another of the sweetest things has just happened to me.

By ~ Bobbi Henderson

Ladies, I cannot compete with Jack Black but I too want to remind you to take good care of your health! Remember ~ Get those preventative check-ups and may God keep you in the palm of his hand. To your good health!

Happy Mother’s Day! ~ Bobbi

© May 12, 2022 ~ Bobbi (Parker) Henderson
Photo by James Moreland


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The Lord’s Prayer

If you are reading this post…you probably know or feel as I do that at the end of the day we often feel the need for some encouragment or at least a hug or two. Part of my life mission is to help uplift others…no money is exchanged ~ just love and encouragement! I am sometimes needing that myself. I find that music has the power to do many things for us. Music is an effective tool for changing our attitude or energy levels. I love to listen to lively music as I clean, etc. but when when I am tired at the end of the day I like to be quiet, thankful for my life and to feel loved and protected.

Andrea Bocelli singing the Lords Prayer is one of my favorites… at the end of the day. Hope that you enjoy it..and come back here often. Feeling safe and relaxed are another part of all those things that contribute to our good health.

Enjoy! To your Health ~ Bobbi

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April is Oral Cancer Detection Month

I hope that you liked the video and found it informative. While cancer is not a favorite topic….Oral cancer is in the news more and more these days and unfortunately about 2/3 of those cancers are caught in the later stages. Make sure that your dentist does a thorough check-up and do ask questions. According to latest research, good oral health is conducive to good over all general health. The Velscope is the lastest in oral cancer detection and many dentist are using this neat technology… which is a light that they shine in the mouth that helps to identify abnormal tissue. Many dental offices over the country are offering a free oral cancer exam for “Oral Cancer Awareness” month of April. But, at this time only a few offices seem to have this latest technology. I live in Florida but several of my friends in Virgina have shared information with me regarding the Velscope…and if you live or know anyone who lives in or around Great Falls Va you may want to pass this information along. Just call 703 759-3011 (Loza Dental-Great Falls) and ask for the (April).. free Velscope examine. You may possibly help save a life, and it could be your own. To your good Dental Health! Bobbi

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A Beautiful Valentine- Video

I am a member of the site and I just recieved this lovely valentine video ~ passing it on to
my friends! Love to you! Make it a special day. In love and health ~ Bobbi

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A Valentine for You

Cute Graphics

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Can Cancer be cured in 16 weeks~ See this Video

Some great information in this video. I was amazed. I have for many years now believed in natural health and alternative medicine! It works for me!!! I think we have to have a lifestyle change to be healthy these days, becoming more vigilent, watching and knowing exactly what we are ingesting. Remember “we are what we eat.” Animals eating GMO food..we eat the food–well we are consuming GMOs. I hope that you enjoy this very informative video. For more information on this topic please go to Dr. Leonard Coldwell

Wishing you great health!!! and a very happy year!~ Bobbi

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Starve Cancer??

Hope you enjoyed the video. Wishing you a happy, healthy lifestyle! ~ Bobbi

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving dear friends! Don’t forget to reach out to others this Thanksgiving, remember our servicemen and women and their families. Share something special, perhaps a sweet treat for that new neighbor or dinner for the ole man down the street. Feed a stray, put some suet out for the birds or feed the ducks…and you will feel wonderful! You will be blessed!

I am having a vegetarian dinner this year. It is going to be great fun…one of my guests (a new friend) is bringing a Wellington roast (tofu of course).

I have so many things to be thankful for this year…and I wish to thank you for visiting my blog. Please feel free to leave a comment….share your feelings. I welcome them.

To your health! With love and blessings ~ Bobbi

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"Giligan has a new friend"

Photo by James Moreland ~

Giligan has a new friend and a new home.  He was adopted from a Virginia Humane Society by my brother James.  Giligan is a Dingo,  he is very friendly and spreads love where ever he goes.  Animals have a way of making us relax.  Loving and caring for an animal has been known to lower the heart rate as well the blood pressure.    I found an interesting article on this subject and I am including a link below.  Enjoy!

To your good health ~  Bobbi   ©)2011

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What I learned “The day “Cancer” visited me”

I had been receiving advertisements  that offered  a free cancer screenings from a particular dermatologist for months.  Of course, I trashed them.  But, one day this past summer I decided to  go for the free exam, as I had a little blister like bump that had been on my cheek for about two months.   I made the appointment – The doctor wanted to biopsy a couple of places on my face and one on my back.   The results can back in a few days.  My back was fine but there were two places on my face.   One on the side of  my nose and one on my cheek, both were squamous cell  (cancer) and would need to be cut out.

OMG…I was in shock.  Good clean living gal that I am,  I could not believe that this was happening too me.   The doctor pointed out to me that it was from my early years of sunbathing.    How many times had I been warned to stay out of the sun!   I do take responsibility for my situation.  I confess…I did have  a real good cry after researching on the internet almost the whole afternoon.   I think that most women can relate to my frustration  because we love our faces and want to keep them looking beautiful.  My first thoughts were to try something natural.  But everything natural that I came across was going to make a big sore on my face or something else that frightened me and I did not have years to wait.   I meditated and said prayers off and on for the next few days.  I had to make a decision.   I called the doctor’s office  and asked if there was another way to deal with it other than surgery…they were very patient with me and referred me to a plastic surgeon.   Well, things were looking up.   My doctor was  nice and  I felt very comfortable with him.  He did a fabulous job…. and yes, I will have a couple  little scars but nothing that is going to make a big difference…a fluff or two of powder should work quite well.

What I learned “The Day Cancer Visited Me” was that I am a lot stronger and more courageous than I ever thought yet at the same time during the healing I felt very vulnerable and often alone.   But , then  I really wanted to be alone.  I would look at the scabs that seemed to never want to heal and  would be upset.   But, I soon turned things around—decided to stop the one gal pity party.   I started to write, took  food to an elderly man in the neighborhood, regular walks out to the pond, watched the little animals, fed the birds and counted my blessings.  I received a lot advice from well meaning friends.   I realize that you cannot know what someone else is going through unless you have already been there yourself and still their experience is going to be different based on the past and what is going on in their lives…at that time.   I regret the times I have told someone that  something would be OK without knowing the facts.    There has to be a better way of consoling.  While I will have to continue to be monitored I am so thankful that I caught my cancer in time before it had spread.  So dear friends if  you get that advertisement for a free exam by a dermatologist  don’t throw it in the trash!   Why not make that appointment today for peace -of – mind.   Thank you for reading my blog!  I acknowledge you and I am grateful for your presence here!    To your good health!    Many Blessings ~ Bobbi Henderson © 9/2011

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